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What is OL_Monitor?

OL Monitor is a vastly superior alternative to the typical laboratory pending test log. OL_Monitor is a program that interacts with the Sunquest™ (also other lab systems) Laboratory information system. OL_Monitor integrates seamlessly with Esker™ Smarterm, the client of choice for most laboratories. Like a tireless unblinking eye, it keeps up with the Outstanding log. In addition it adds critical information the Outstanding log lacks, how long tests have been outstanding. This is just the beginning, read on to find out more..

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Ol Monitor LIS compatibility:

Compatible with all versions.
Adaptation in progress.
Adapted at one site.
Seeking beta sites.
GE Soft:
Seeking beta sites.
Seeking beta site.
Other lab systems:
Please contact.

New website in progress!

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The Visual Interface Module provides all the features that were not possible before. You'll be amazed at how much easier it is!

Pending lab tests on large lcd or plasma display


Stuck? The support section contains answers to your most frequently asked questions, the usage instructions, an interactive support forum, and direct support via email.

Notice: If you are having trouble with Ol Monitor after upgrading to SSH (Secure Shell) from telnet read this blog post for fix:
Secure shell upgrade affect on Ol Monitor

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Ol Monitor VIM Online Manual

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