Backup to folder

Backup to folder

When you click the 'backup to folder' button a 'backup to folder' tab is created.



1 . ExplorerExplorer


Use to select a destination subfolder.

2 . Backup buttonBackup button

Backup button

Click to save all settings to the target folder.

3 . Folder pathFolder path

Folder path

A subfolder with today's date is suggested, but you can change the name if you like.

4 . Quick folder findQuick folder find

Quick folder find

Common user folders, and any folder you previously backed up to are shown here.

Click one to quickly navigate to that folder.

5 . Settings to backupSettings to backup

Settings to backup

Select which settings locations to back up.

Each location will be exported/backed up to a separate file within the folder.

Registry settings get saved as a .reg file.

INI settings get saved as an ini file.

If you have any ini or reg file opened up in a tab, it will also be backed up to the folder.

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