Main window

Main window

Ol Monitor Settings Manager is a program created to make it easy for you to manage, modify, backup, import, and switch around your settings for Ol Monitor!


You can open up all current settings with one click.

You can backup all current settings with two clicks.


To download and install go to:

1 . Load current settingsLoad current settings

Load current settings

Click this to load all current settings for Ol Monitor.

Ol Monitor stores it's settings in 3 possible locations:

  • Local machine registry

  • Current user registry

  • INI file

    This button loads all 3 locations into 3 tabs.

2 . Open backup fileOpen backup file

Open backup file

Use this button to open any type of backup file.  

You can open backup ini or .reg (exported registry) files.

3 . Copy settings to other locationCopy settings to other location

Copy settings to other location

This will copy all the settings from the currently active tab to one of the other location tabs.

Careful it will overwrite everything in the other location!   However you can cancel the action:

-A window will open allowing you to select locations to copy to or cancel.

-And you still have to click the Save button to commit the changes to the system.

4 . Save changesSave changes

Save changes

Click this button to save any changes you have made to the system.

5 . Backup tabs to folderBackup tabs to folder

Backup tabs to folder

A quick and easy way to backup all your settings at once.  

All currently open tabs will be backed up to a folder named with the today's date.

A tab will open allowing you to select the target folder.

6 . TabsTabs


Each tab contains all the settings from one location.

7 . Location pathLocation path

Location path

Shows the full path from the registry or file.

If the setting is from a file, clicking the link will open explorer to the folder containing the file.

8 . Settings treeSettings tree

Settings tree

You can navigate through this tree to look through and manipulate your settings.

9 . Setting detailSetting detail

Setting detail

Shows the value and details for the selected setting.

Black font: The value of the setting.   Can be edited.

Click on the value to edit or copy the selected setting.


Gray font: Full details about the value.   Cannot be edited.

10 . Close tabClose tab

Close tab

Close the current tab.

11 . Status barStatus bar

Status bar

Shows various messages about the last action or program state.

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