1: Backup settings first.

Always backup your settings: Exporting settings
Technical info on settings location: Managing settings

2: Download and install new version.

Download and install the new version.
Trial users:  Go to the Download page.
Registered users:  Contact us for the link to download the full version.
*Please note: At this time the auto-updater is not working.

3: Installer steps.

The wizard will guide you through the installation process:
You will need your serial number to install the paid version.
The installer will ask you if you want to uninstall the old version first.  In most cases I would skip this and just install over it.
Either way you do it your settings are supposed to be saved. 
But you backed up your settings right?  In rare cases you might need to uninstall first so the new files can be written to the drive.

4: Find your settings.

*Note: Sometimes it may appear that settings are lost or changed when you start the updated Ol Monitor. This is because the new install may have changed the default settings location. You can toggle back and forth between settings locations to find your old settings. On the main OlMonitor program (not inside the options menu), click Options-Reload with ...
Reloading with other settings location.

5: Stay informed.

Sign up for the newsletter.  The 'newsletter' mostly consists of update notifications.  Emails are infrequent (about 4-5 a year), and you can unsubscribe at any time.

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